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Makers and creators of interactive experiences

Kol Ford

Managing Director, Lead Writer & Designer
Kol Ford is a writer and designer from London, with a passion for interactive design that he has pursued his entire life. He has been involved in the production of role playing experiences for every corner of the larping world and is currently focused on narrative based immersive design. 

Kol has been passionate about LARPing since his teenage years and finds inspiration for his work in board games and role playing games. He is a firm believer in social inclusion and the creation of supportive, nourishing and empowering communities where people can be safe to create. 

Rebel Rehbinder

Producer & Webdesigner
Rebel Rehbinder, a multifaceted Producer, Writer, and Web designer. She draws upon a rich artistic background. She has steered the production of over 15 distinct interactive experiences within the span of 5 years, showcasing her adeptness in overseeing diverse projects.

Rebel draws inspiration from anime, horror, video games, and roleplaying games, seamlessly integrating these passions into her creative endeavours.


Omen Star works with collaborators from all over the world bringing some of the best talent together to produce exciting and dynamic experiences. From London to Zagreb, Göteborg to Toulouse, the Omen Star crew is made up of talented designers and producers from all over Europe. 

Anja Andrijević

Writer & Runtime Storyteller

Mario Ogresta

Writer & Runtime Storyteller