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Cyberpunk London took place on October 19th 2022 at Underworld in Camden Town.


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Alright, sunshine! Listen up! London's underworld, it's where the action's at! You'll be running contracts, juicing up with cyber-gear, and mixing it up with the corp bigwigs and fixers. Stick it to the system, build your crew, and dig into the deep stuff. This spot's your gig—so get ready to ride the cyberpunk wave in this edgerunner's paradise, sunshine.

Detailed characters

Characters are part of an interwoven web of overlapping stories drawn from the world of R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk.  Each of the characters has their own set of agendas and plans, as well as connections and secrets they can use to achieve them. 

Licenced event

Cyberpunk london, was a licenced. In the real world it took place in 2020. In the setting it took place in R Talsorians Cyberpunk 2020 setting, with the story being influenced by the in-game events of 2022.


The event took place at the Underworld in Camden Town. Making it a fully immersive 360 event. The bar and the location were fully in character, complete with dance floor and back stage areas and green room. 

Let your imagination run wild

The immersive world and environment, together with its supportive community, encourage you to put as much effort into your costume for the show as you can. Our own team are on standby to help you accessorise and convent location next to Camden Market makes it extremely easy to get extra bits for your perfect cyberpunk look.