The Inhabitants of the Darkwood

The Draugr, followers of Hel

The Draugr are the dishonoured souls who will never know glory. This is not to say that they are intrinsically bad or wicked, just that without any kind of moral limits on their behaviour they are capable of the most unspeakable cruelties should they wish to do so. They have no need for honour or glory since they will join with Hel. Poison, backstabbing, betrayal and dark magic is all they need to stay alive.

The Gjenganger, followers of Freja

The Gjenganger are souls who have honour and glory but who are not accepted by Norse society. This is not to say they are intrinsically good or kind, just that they know what it is to face injustice and to be forced to set your own moral limits on your behaviour. They still live lives of honour and glory since they hope to join with Freja upon death. Love, family and solidarity is all they need to stay alive.

Trolls and Outsiders

The town is built around a large resting troll who only wakes up at night to watch over the village. Nearby trolls come out of the woods to pay their respects to the Old Troll and create mischief with the inhabitants of the village. In an addition to the trolls there are the Outsiders, Norse folk who are not from the Dark woods. some will be lost, others will be hunting for someone. None of them should be here.

Sexual Content

Mörkveden is a larp that will feature scenes of sex and nudity.  The minimum age for participation is 18 years old. 

This larp will not be dealing with scenes of sexual violence or sexual assault. 

While characters will be allowed to be topless we ask that all participants keep the rest of their underwear on.

Go slow, calibrate and check in. consent for any kind of scene can be withdrawn at any time without giving a reason with no judgement. 

The recipient of an interaction is responsible for steering the scene in a direction that is comfortable for them.

Please make sure everyone remains comfortable, warm and safe throughout all scenes especially if they are intimate. 

We will have workshops and briefing prior to the larp so we are clear on boundaries, consent and safe play.

The primary technique used to represent sex will be theatre style sex, but you can also choose to fade to black and calibrate the sexual encounter off game.

Violent Content

There will be some scenes of fighting and violence at this larp. Again this larp will not be dealing with scenes of sexual violence of sexual assault.

We will be using Steel Weapons. Only blunted steel weapons are to be used when fighting.

No actual competitive fighting of any sort should happen at this larp. It is all for show and should look good and be safe.

We do not expect fighting to be a focus of the larp.

Fighting will be limited to open spaces where there is adequate room to move around

The recipient of an interaction is responsible for steering the scene in a direction that is comfortable for them.

We will provide Weapons for people who do not have them. You are welcome to bring your own of that is possible.

Narcotic Content

Players are not to become intoxicated at this larp. There will be alcohol free substitutes available. Sweden also has an incredible range of alcohol free substitutes if you wish to bring your own.

Drinks that are designated as “Pure” will contain no alcohol. Drinks that contain any amount of alcohol are “Impure”

If you are offering drinks to other participants you must make it clear whether or not there is alcohol in the drink

We will endeavour to make water regularly and easily available. You may be required to assist the team in fetching water.

Playing on being drunk or under the effects of other substances must never be an alibi for unsafe, non consensual or disruptive play.

Ritual Content

There will be occult rituals taking place at this larp that will include scenes of sacrifice, bloodshed and drug taking

Some elements of the ritual practice will not be vegan. People who do not wish to participate for any reason are to be respected and supported in making informed decisions about the content they engage with.

Any magical effect or curse your character is placed under lasts as long as it provides interesting play.

We will endeavour to make sure there are facilities available to help you represent injuries, marks or curses in the crew room.

If going out into the woods for a ritual please let a member of the team know where you are going

You are encouraged to create ritual content and bring props for this as long as it builds and enhances the play for everyone.

Please be respectful of other peoples props and costume at all times.