Hidden away in the heart of the dark woods, the community of Mörkveden is home to the dishonoured and the disgraced. Fallen warriors and oathbreakers with fearsome reputations embrace their darkness and dishonour in rites to Hel. These Draugr, bitter angry souls, are now just looking for a place where they can rest and call home. Unburdened by any notion of honour only the most desperate or foolish would go near this village of the dead.

Over time a steadily growing number of Norse folk whose idea of love forced them to hide deeper in the woods were forced to join them in this community of outcasts. Following the teachings of Freja they now enjoy their freedom to love as they please and be with who they love. In the heart of darkness they found a sanctuary for their love. Forbidden from returning to their own villages they are known as the Gjenganger. The ghosts of people their families once knew. 

The radical differences between these two communities often bring fierce arguments within the community, but they come to a head with the coronation of a King whose desire to unify all of Sweden and taming all of the small kingdoms has no bounds. The differences between the Draugr and the Gjenganger must be settled so they can face a greater threat. All of the Jarls of Småland have been summoned to swear loyalty to the King who will make clear his plan to unify all of Sweden and destroy all outlaw settlements in the dark woods.