Meet At The Dungeon Characters

Meet At The Dungeon is currently undergoing a rewrite, some if the following characters may be subject to change. 

1. ⚰️ Mazzard the Magnificent, the almighty Lich

You have devoted your entire existence to necromancy and all you 
needed to do was die so that you could return. You have been back
for two minutes and already the neighbours are complaining, the previous
tenant won’t leave and adventurers are ready to kick down the door!
This was your childhood dream and you will not allow anyone to bring
an end to it. 


2. 👻 Aellfir Misocainea the Undying, The Ghost who was here first!

Well it’s just rude isn’t it? This isn’t some hypothetical tomb, it’s a real tomb.
Your tomb. Where you were buried with the family.
There was a buffet and everything. It wasn’t cheap.


3 🧛 Ruthven Strongmore, The Vampire Noble 

You look out across your realm of darkness and realise that this is
your time. You will be able to reclaim your castle and return to the
small town that spurned you. You were surprised to discover that there
are many kindred spirits down here and you have grown to like them.
If you can settle your differences you could form an unstoppable
army of darkness!


4. 🖤 Sith the Bloody Minded, The Death Knight 

One of the mightiest and most Noble nights in the realm, you betrayed
your land and your liege for some unknown reward and you have suffered
for it ever since. You are now in a position to develop your dark power for
Evil and bring about your revenge on the people you once knew.


5. 🐉Tarragon, the Dragonkin Cleric 

The Dragon is your God and you serve as their prophet, patiently
explaining to everyone the extraordinary danger of her waking up
and incinerating everyone with a single exhalation.
You have an unshakable faith in her judgment and know that the
righteous flame of the Dragon is ready to purge the non believers. 


6. 🐲 Estragon, the Dragonkin Mage

There is an easy solution to all of these problems. Fire. A few choice
words to the Dragon and all of these problems go away.
Fire fills the Dungeon and everyone dies. Easy. But people are always
making excuses when you suggest this so you guess there might need
to be another non fire related solution. 


7. 🦎Mugwort, the Kobold Imposter 

The last time the Dragon woke up she was absolutely convinced that you
were not only a Dragonkin, but their special chosen Dragonkin. You mostly
polish her scales and keep her treasure hoard tidy, but you know that the
Dragon only really listens to you and this scares you a little.
The real Dragonkin don’t like this, but they dare not provoke the Dragon
by allowing you to come to harm. 


8. 🔮 Solivagant the Trickster

You are Fae nobility, embodying the very essence of fae trickery and ingenuity.
You are sly and cunning and far too good for this place.
You need something from the Grand Duchy and everyone will think you
are mad for trying to get it, but once you set your mind on something you
know you must have it. By fair means or foul. 


9. 🪔 Hex the Accursed 

You have no idea how you ended up fated to create cursed items
and weapons, but you love everything about it. You are an utter disaster,
everything you touch falls apart. Everything that can be made can be
unmade and you are usually the one doing the unmaking.
Hexes, curses, poisons and pox. You trade in chaos and carnage
and you don’t even charge much. 


10. 🍄 Calvatia the Mushroom Tender 

You maintain a special relationship with the nutritious and delicious
fungi that grows on the deep caves beneath the crypts.
You speak to them and they speak to you in perfect symbiosis before
you serve them up in a wide variety of mushroom based dishes.
You cannot die in any meaningful sense and this makes you surprisingly happy. 


11. ⛓️ Trammel the Taskmaster 

You are a mighty champion of the Fae Courts, skilled in the arts of war
and of strategy. Equally at home with the pen or the sword you only
hope that any adventurers you encounter are able to match your
incredibly high standards. You will need to make sure that everyone
else is ready for the occasion


12. 🪓 Hobnail the Berserker

This happens every time. Adventurers turn up, the red mist falls upon
you, then you come to your senses hours later covered in blood.
There is not a lot you can do about it so you try to take it easy before
they arrive. You are a big believer in good self care and don’t feel any
need to exert yourself more than you have to. When you are not a berserking
monster you enjoy sweet company, comfort foods and warm blankets.
Oh, and getting to know people before they see you in a fight.
You don’t want people to get the wrong idea. 


13. 🔪 Brodequin the Backstabber

You like knives so much. Big ones or little ones you don’t mind.
You can even stretch this to swords which are really big knives, and even
spears as long as you see them as knives on sticks. You tried to get
into bows by having little knives on little sticks but you just wanted to
stick the arrow into things.
You think you might have a knife problem. 


14. 🕸️ Scrimshank the Trapper 

You are like the spider in the middle of the web and the finest artisan
 of trick, traps and snares the world has ever known. The only trouble
is that you hate traps so much it is hard to put into words. They scare
the hell out of you, especially your more devious ones. But you will do
anything to keep your fae family safe, even if it means making the most
devious magical trap of your life. 


15. ❓ Quaestor the Arcanist

You are a collector and maker of arcane devices and potions and you
have decided to set up shop in this dungeon alongside the fae creatures
and undead. From healing potions to magical wands you have
something for everyone at great prices.
One Part Gandalf, two parts Used Cart Trader you have an eye for a
good deal and a tendency to send people off on adventures. 


16. ⚡ Skean the Elemental Being

You are a being of pure elemental energy bound into a mortal shell so
that you can explore the world around you and you have to admit it’s
pretty great! The people are nice, you love eating mushrooms and you
harness an unstoppable elemental power that is drawn from the fundamental
forces of the universe. There are problems, there always are, but you
think you could like it here and are seriously considering staying.  


17. 🔔 Bellstriker the Arcane Golem

You were created as an indestructible powerhouse capable of harnessing
great magic while providing all manner of assistance to adventures
and villains alike. The ancient civilisation you once swore to protect has
long turned to dust and you must find new alliances and new followers.
Of course you aspire to recreate the glory of the Arcane Empire once again
and crush humanity beneath the heel of your army of Golems but you will
need to build the army first. 


18. 👺Marlowe the Doomed Demonologist 

You have found the ancient truths hidden in obscure texts and the results
have marked your mind. You know that you can go even further with your
studies, but you are certain you have already gone too far and crossed the
line from human to monster. The only thing you don’t know is what kind of
monster you have become. 


19. 👹 Bavaria the Careless Demonologist

The best use for ancient scrolls is for ritual burning as you sacrifice on the altar
of chaos and disorder. You have the strength and the wits to bind your demons,
but can you really be so sure that those bonds will last? Get this right and you
will be unstoppable.


20. 😈  Meridian the Unholy, the Wrong Demon

An ancient ineffable evil from beyond time and space bound suddenly finds
itself in the middle of an ancient tomb with very modern inhabitants. There is
bound to be some way out of this, but can you make a deal that will get
everyone what they want?