Meet At The Galleon Characters

Officers Mess

1. 🦂 Patroon the Captain

“You are one of the most feared cutthroats in the realm. Cursed long ago to be a scourge of the sea you have carried this curse for long enough. It is time to pass it on to someone new.”

2. 🐟 Tiller the Second Mate

“Diligent and loyal, you are a good soul with a fearsome heart. It is time to put your bloodthirsty past behind you and find a new path, but these things are never as easy as they look.”

3. 🩸 Laveer the First Mate

“A fearsome former Naval Officer with a deadly past, you know that times are changing and the crew needs to change with them. You want to make sure that the legend of the ship lives on with or without its crew.”

4. 🔥 Old Rake the Quartermaster

“When you died you thought that was the end of your career. But you returned from the netherworld to steer this ship and you still have work to do. Nothing will stand between you and your goals and the infernal fires await those who stand in your way.”

5. 📖 Lagan the Chronicler

“As keeper of the ship’s book you know that it contains secrets in it that no mortal should ever learn. You need to know what to do with this forbidden knowledge before the secrets of the ship consume you too!”


6. 💥Deadeye the Master Gunner

“They say that magic has made the cannon obsolete but until they can line up two dozen mages to keep their mouths shut and fire on command you will stick with what you know. You were exiled from the Giant lands for your ruthless raiding but you are not finished yet.”

7. 💣 Luff the Powder Monkey

“Powder Monkeys are known for their ability to sense when things are going wrong and something feels very wrong indeed. You love this ship and you love this crew, but you need to find out what is happening around here before something bad happens to your family on the sea.”

8. ⚔️ Reeve the Lead Cutter

“One of the greatest sword fighters the realm has ever known your reputation precedes you in every port. There are opportunities in every port for an enterprising mercenary if you are willing to sacrifice enough. How much you are prepared to lose remains to be seen.”

9. 🔫 Rowlock the Pistolier

“There are few who can match you in skill at arms but there has to be an easier way to make coin than this. You have dreams and plans and you intend on making them into a reality right now. You just need one good haul and all your dreams could come true.”

10. 🧹Bream the Swabby

“You stowed away on the ship to go on an adventure only to discover that this ship is haunted and you have the proof. The Captain has now put you to work cleaning the decks, but you need to show everyone what you have discovered.”


11. 🧭 Martingale the Navigator

“This is the most dangerous mission you have been on yet and if you are not careful it may be your last. Fortunately you are no stranger to danger and you have some of the finest navigators in the realms with you. Keep your wits about you, and you might just get out of this alive”

12. 💫 Genoa the Astronomer

“Magical artifice and divination is a vital part of keeping this ship running. But the stars are looking foreboding and the omens look grim. It may not even be possible to lift the curse on this ship, that’s if you should even try.”

13. 🪁 Frap the Master Rigger

“Born in the sails and a master of the winds, you are a noble fae of extraordinary skill and talent. You are bound here by uncertain mysteries and very certain contracts but time is running out and soon you may be free once again.”

14. ⚓ Gaff the Outrigger

“Raised in the unruly courts of the fae you have never been one to shy away from a fight. There is an ill wind blowing on and you will need all of your courage to survive the storm both literally and figuratively.” 

15. 🔭Dogwatch the Scunner

“You have never been easy to get along with and for very good reason. You are a notorious villain who worships evil entities. You are feared not only by your enemies, but also by the crew. You speak to the crows and they speak back. They say it is time to plot your next course.”

Below Deck

16. 🧮 Ballaster the Boatswain

“You are the beating heart of the beast and this cursed ship has needs far in excess of any normal vessel. You have served on ships of wood and cloth but this monster requires blood and sacrifice to stay at sea.”

17. 💀 Trice the Surgeon Healer

“Everyone knows that you should be the greatest surgeon in all the land but you can never keep track of what is allowed and what is forbidden. There aren’t many illegal magitech necromancers in this world, in fact there is only one, and it is a lot more trouble than it looks.”

18. 🌲Parrel the Carpenter

“You love this ship and every board within it. It is horribly cursed of course. One of the most dangerous in all of the seas. But you have learned the secrets of this ship in ways no one else understands, and it speaks to you in ways that no one will ever know.”

19. 🛢️ Ketch the Cooper

“On long quiet nights you can still hear the roar of the golems and siege weapons you once built for the Duke. On the run and looking for a place to hide you have been looking for a ship fast enough for you to outrun your sinister past and you think you might have finally found one”

20. 🍲 Jib the Cook

You are a beacon of light in the heart of darkness. You care for the crew in ways they do not seem to be able to do themselves and you will not let them down.You have made this oath in blood.”