Angels and Demons

The Fallen Angels and the Serving Staff

The Fallen are angels who have separated themselves from God's grace and chosen to indulge in the sins of the earth. They have taught humanity how to get the most out of their knowledge of good and evil, but the party is now over and they need to find a home in the halls of hell.

Three factions of Fallen Angels formed after the fall each brought together through oaths they made with each other. They do not agree with each other and fight all the time, but love each other like a family and know that their fates are interlinked. They will be attempting to win allies within the halls of hell and ultimately laying claim to a layer of hell to call their own.

The Serving staff are all drawn into a mystery cult that encourages its members to have a specific devotion to their own Fallen Angel who they enter into a deep and personal religious relationship with. Some of them have been doing this for some time and have reconciled the teachings of their angel with their own moral structure. Others are new to the cult and uncertain of how to act.

The souls of the Fallen and the Servants will be twisted together as they push themselves onto the intrigues of the infernal court.

The Goetic Demons and the Occult Academics

The Goetic Demons are the noble impulses of sin that dwell in the nine layers of hell. They feed on the manifestations of humanities sin and celebrate the memory of great sinners by playing with souls of the damned. Not all of them are wicked, but they are all outside of God’s grace.

The demonic courts are built around the seven deadly sins however there is significant overlap in the activities of humanity and the sins they produce. A single ungodly act can produce several different sins and the demons try to outdo each other in terms of how much sin they can tempt humanity into. The demons often form into factions with the court of Pride on one side and the court of Envy on the other. The bitter infighting between them produces endless vendettas and petty feuds as they all bring out the worst in each other.

The Occult Academics are drawn from occult groups all over the world. Some are solo practitioners who are known by reputation, others are whole demon worshipping sects with their own pantheon of demonic entities that support them. Some of them are new to demonology and want to know more while others have a deep understanding of occult lore and wish to find the final secrets.

The Souls of the Demons and the Academics will be fused together as they draw the Fallen into their corrupt schemes.




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