The Experience

"Again I swear to you, sinners, that crime has been prepared for the day of blood, which never ceases."
-Enoch 97:7


Set in the halls of a beautiful British mansion Geotia will explore the contrasts between intellectual, polite society and diabolic decadent excess. An enormous cast of characters will bring the mansion to life with occult discourse, personal agendas and academic drama by day, and demonic treachery, hellish vendettas and diabolic passion by night.

All of the participants will have the opportunity to explore both mortal and immortal characters with the transition taking place during a twilight ritual. They will have their own clubs, societies, friend groups as well as enemies, rivals and lovers in both of these worlds with the feelings sometimes crossing over between the worlds.
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Sacrifice and Service 
The larp asks the characters what they are prepared to Sacrifice and what they will do for others. All of the characters will end up sacrificing something of themselves as they attempt to get something from this depraved ordeal.

Extremes of Excess and Loss 
The characters are torn between extremes of emotion, power and indulgence before crashing down to the lowest they can go. Only to be dragged back up again to dance again before being cast aside and broken.

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A Grand Summoning

In the first act we meet the characters who charm each other with their wit and eloquence. Even the serving staff seem to be brimming with occult lore and everyone is having the time of their lives. In the evening the summoning begins and the characters are possessed. The atmosphere changes to one of violence and misrule as the mansion becomes an elaborate allegory for the debauched decadence in the infernal halls of hell.

The Morning After

Act two is given to the entirety of the daylight hours of the following day. The characters must come to terms with what they did the night before and possibly make amends and apologies as appropriate. Some may decide that this is the right way to live and embrace the darkness, others will seek forgiveness or repentance. Either way they know now that they are committing blasphemy and that they cannot leave. Tonight they will be possessed again and they are powerless to stop it.

A Grand Finale

Act Three starts at nightfall with a banquet. The feast represents the harvest of sin brought to the halls of hell by the fallen angels. Enmities and rivalries between the demons and the fallen are brought to a head in a series of confrontations as the Fallen Angels promise great power to those demons who will give them a home. A powerful ritual is performed by the demons which grants the Fallen their home and everyone must pay the price. In the very last scene the mortals are given a last chance to say goodbye before they die.




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