Intimacy and Violence

Intimacy and Violence

Violence and Intimacy are both themes that are present in this larp. In all cases the content of our larps is opt in and you can choose to opt out of any situation you are uncomfortable with at any time for any reason.

Violence and Intimacy should escalate slowly, giving all parties an opportunity to give full informed consent.

They should remain local and not be dragged around the venue. Keep the scene between the people who are directly involved and try not to pull others into it unless all parties consent.

This is not a larp where weapons are used by any of the characters. 

We will be carrying out workshops for Violence and Intimacy techniques as well as safety and calibration ahead of the larp. 

There will be no depiction of rape, sexual assault or torture at this larp.

The Human Experience of Violence and Intimacy

The Human experience is that of people who live on the edges of a very socially conservative culture. While people did engage in extraordinary acts of decadence they were considered very taboo and in many cases illegal.

Human characters should stay aware of what they consider to be the line for them in terms of decent and dignified behaviour. The demon will drag them across it, but when the mask comes off these actions need to be reconciled with the morality of the time.

Some will choose to quietly push the boundaries of the social rules they have. Many will openly reject the social norms and conventions of the time. But they should all react to the excesses of the demon world.

The Demon Experience of Violence and Intimacy

The Demon Experience is that of incorporeal spirits being given free reign to exercise their will through the medium of corporeal bodies. While the Demonic relationship with the Summoner will vary drastically from person to person, generally speaking they will treat the human body like it is a stolen car.

The Demons have very little care for social norms, but they don’t care that much about breaking them either. Hedonism is a thing they do but they are primarily interested in engaging with activities that fuel their sin. What makes this interesting is that the human is still in the passenger seat influencing the choices the demon makes, but ultimately it is the demonic agenda that is in control.

The Demons have no inherent gender or sexual attraction. Their primary interest is the accumulation of power over each other.

The Fallen experience of Violence and intimacy

The Fallen Angels very much do understand hedonism and absolutely love being in physical bodies. They are in the ironic position of encouraging demons to engage in sin not only with them but also with each other. The Fallen need to have a place in hell and they need the support of the demons to get this.

The Fallen have divisions and disagreements with each other over how ruthless they should be. They also love each other in ways that defy explanation. They were once in tune with the celestial chorus, now they only have each other to remember the glory of what they once were. Celestial glory juxtaposed with an insatiable addiction to epicurean excess.




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