Q: Who can sign up for a subsidised ticket?

Anyone who feels that they need one for whatever reason. We wont do any checks or ask questions.

Q: What metatechniques are you using for intimacy and violence?

We will be using the SET Technique (Slow Escalating Tension) that we introduced in Cyberpunk London to facilitate safe and consensual representation of physical contact.

Read more on the Techniques and Safety page.

Q: Who are the Demons?

The demons will be loosely based of the 72 goetic demons from the key of Solomon.
If you wish to read about them you can find more information HERE 

Q: Who are the Fallen?

There will be twenty one fallen angels loosely based on the book of enoch. There will be 3 for each sin and they will be developed by our writing team.

Q: Will the Fallen roles have to support also in an offgame capacity, e.g. preparing and serving food, doing the dishes, e.a.?

Players taking on these roles will not be expected to volunteer any more than anyone else although you may want to help with the serving if it suits your character.

Kitchen work will be carried out by qualified personnel. You may not be able to help in some areas due to food hygiene and health and safety requirements.

What are the travel and sleeping accommodations for those coming by plane or train?

We will be attempting to put on transport from the airport. There are good railway links to the venue. 

The event is fully catered and accommodation is provided. The rooms are dormitories with single beds.

Q: Is there an option to join the crew?

At the moment we are not looking for more crew for Goetia, however if we do the first place we look is our Call For Crew Form!





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