Techniques and Safety

Physical Interactions

We will be using the SET Technique (Slow Escalating Tension) that we introduced in Cyberpunk London to facilitate safe and consensual representation of physical contact.

When initiating an action that involves another participant's physical body you should follow these steps.

1. Escalate slowly: Make sure the other person knows your intention either in game or by using calibration techniques
2. Consensual contact: Do not physically touch the other player unless you have checked in with them
3. Receiver controls the scene: The person on the receiving end of the action leads the scene.
4. Keep it Local: Keep the action between you and the other people in the scene
5. Keep it Quick: Keep the action quite short. no more than 5-10 minutes unless you have calibrated longer.
6. Losing is optional: In case of conflict you both walk away from the scene. One of you can agree to lose however but that is entirely optional.
7. Don’t steal agency: Do not define consequences for other players. Don't pretend to break bones or cause lasting harm the other person does not want to play.

Anyone can opt out of this play at any time they like with no explanation required or needed. Any consequences can be ignored if they are disruptive to your experience. If you have any problems at all, speak to the Welfare Team.

"Off Game"

If you want to say something to someone that is not part of the play then start by saying "off game". This is to be treated in all ways like an off game conversation.

examples include
"Off Game Slow down"
"Off Game more please"
"Off Game stop"
"Off game can we calibrate?"

Lookdown Technique

Should you need to drop Off Game for whatever reason you can shelter your eyes and look down and leave the scene. We ask that you move to the edge of the scene or leave for an in game area and minimise contact with other participants.

Open door

You are always allowed to leave a scene for any reason at any time without any need to provide an explanation.

Enthusiastic Consent

You only have to engage in content that you enthusiastically consent to. You are under no obligation to perform any kind of play you do not want to do.

Play to Lift

Whatever someone is trying to play, we should try to play it up and help them play the role believably. We support each other to create a better experience for all.

Disruptive Play

Disruptive play is the phrase we use to describe any play that ruins the play for other participants. Disruptive play should be brought to the attention of the organisers so that the players can be informed since they may not be aware. Willful disruptive play will result in players being removed from the event.

Welfare Team

Omen Star Events use a welfare team to take care of the player and crew welfare. The Welfare Team are there to help you reprioritise your real world needs and have resources to help do this. These services are used by the crew, organisers and players throughout the event.

Key services they provide are:
★Reporting problems
★Emotional support
★Costume help
★help liaising with organisers
★Snacks and hot drinks.
★Local knowledge
★Where to get first aid and medicine




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