Meet At The Guild House Characters


1. 📣 Master Vavasour the Noble

“You sit at the head of a table with seven of the best killers in all
of the realms. The fate of the land depends entirely on your whim
and how you choose to use it. People will want you to take an
interest in their politics but in all matters the guild always comes first!”


2. 🕳️Sicarian the Cloak

“No one sees you if you do not want to be seen. You strike from
the shadows with agility and grace. You are feared all across the
realms and no one knows who you really are. Which is beginning
to get a bit annoying to be honest. You should be famous!”


3. 🐈 Grognard the Gentle Thug

“You complain a lot but you like being here. As a former soldier you
are used to getting things done in a certain very direct way but you
have learned to be very relaxed and gentle with it. You need to find
yourself a new commander and a new cause but find yourself torn
between the two masters. Maybe the bards will have a place for you.”


4. 🧪 Hemlock the Poisoner

“There are so many subtle and discreet ways that you can kill someone
without leaving so much as a trace of your being there. But there are
even rarer magical herbs that can be obtained from other worlds
and you are sure someone here can help you get them!”


5. 🪓 Snuff the Executioner

“For some the art of the assassin is elegant, skilled or sophisticated.
You have a licence from the Duke to carry out executions, even of those
who have been tried in absentia. It is not sophisticated how you do it,
but it is very effective. The guild enjoys protection from the Duke but the
royal patience is running thin and this threatens to put you in a most
difficult position indeed.”


6. ❗Runagate the Scout

“You have a peculiar skill at getting into places you are not meant to be.
While you are there, you kill enemies of the Duke. Each time is an
enormous risk but you are starting to wonder if people appreciate how
much you do for the realm.”


7. 🏹 Moulinet the Archer

“The greatest shot in all the realm with all forms of bow you are renowned
across the land. Your skills will be very useful to the right people and you
intend on picking up some very lucrative contracts this evening.”



8. 🧺Master Whipjack the Scoundrel

“You are the one everyone goes to when they want to know what is
happening on the streets. You are the one everyone speaks to when they
want something done. You were born in the city’s gutters and you know
them like you know your own boots. The Assassins have always led the
guild but you think it is time for that to change.”


9. 🛢️Smeogan the Smuggler

“You have always had a knack for getting people what they want and getting
rid of things they don’t want. But with all the killings going on lately you are
going to need some help with all of the bodies that are piling up.”


10. 👜Gonoph the Pickpocket

“The hand is quicker than the eye and you have mastered the arts of the
cutpurse ever since you were a small child. You can steal anything from
anyone or at least you hope so. You have your eyes on a prize that is said
to be unstealable, so it has to be yours. It has to be.”


11. 🏚️Yegg the Burglar

“There is no lock you can’t pick and there is no barrier your crowbar can’t
open. You have expanded beyond mechanical locks and throwing rocks
through windows. You have graduated onto magical locks, ancient tombs
and dark secrets. You used to say that this can’t possibly go wrong, but you
are starting to suspect that it already has.”


12. 🐄Abactor the Rustler

“You are quietly aware of the absurdity of what you do. Anyone can make a
few coins vanish, but to steal an entire herd of sheep? That takes a peculiar
kind of planning that very few can pull off. You have turned your hand to
monster wrangling and you are beginning to get the feeling that as far as
society is concerned this no longer makes you a thief. It makes you a hero
and you need companions deserving of a hero like you.”


13. 🤺Scelerat the Vagabond

“You have scoured the battlefields of loot and treasures, guided armies
through impassable mountains and stolen military secrets from the
desks of enemy commanders. Sometimes this brings you into contact
with knowledge you wish you never found out!”


14. 📃Rampallion the Demagogue

“Some may settle with stealing jewellery or assets but you steal kingdoms.
Through your understanding of the law and your connections you have
developed quite the talent for stealing peoples estates from them through
fraud. There are some highly influential people in attendance at these meetings
and you find yourself spoiled for choice when it comes to new targets.”



15. 🪕Canso Sirventes the Troubadour 

“You are a romantic soul in a world that is turning very bad. It is time to turn
this around and make the world into a better place, whatever it takes!”


16. 🎤Banard the Minstrel  

“Do people even have a use for a classic all round entertainer any more.
You can inspire the weak, discourage the powerful and charm the masses
with yourskill and grace and you are determined to make sure all bards are
held to a high standard.”


17. 📯Invidious the Charlatan 

“Devious, conniving and clever you are skilled at pretending to be things that
you are not. Your commitment to deceit hides your many talents, but maybe
now it is your time to shine?”


18. 🎭Pentheus the Thespian 

“The greatest actor the realms have ever seen looks for inspiration for their
toughest role yet.
The guild needs leadership, and maybe you could provide such a role!”


19. 🃏Marotte the Court Jester 

“Speaking truth to power is a lot easier when it comes from someone with bells
on their hat. Your wit and satire is known across the land and it is amazing you
have not been executed. As luck would have it you are a member of a guild that
employs most of the hired killers in the realms. You suspect it is time you got
yourself a little protection. ”


20. 💧Zenith the Tragedian 

“A writer of some of the greatest tragedies the Duchy has ever known must keep
their sources very secret. Especially if you are the architect of many of those tragedies.”