Meet At The Palace Characters


1. 🧮 Pavane, the Crown Seneschal

“The Grand Duke’s Ball is the best opportunity for gossip, ridiculous
and power mongering the realms have ever known. You are not
content with simply making great alliances for yourself,
no no no, you want to make alliances for others as well so you can
pit them against each other!”


2. 📿 Courante, the Temple Cardinal

“It has been a difficult year for the Temple of Truth and Light
and you are starting to wonder if it is time to lead the Temple in a
different direction. You need a war, a militant order of Knights and the
money to finance such a thing. This is just the place to get such a thing.” 


3. ⁉️ Allemande, the Royal Advisor

“You are the most trusted advisor to the Duke and the one thing
you know for sure is that they need new advisors. It is time to make
a new inner circle. The best of the best. Only the most influential can
join this exclusive club, or maybe only the most interesting.”


4. 📖 Volta, the Grand Magus

“The defence of the realm means a lot to you and you have managed
to steer the realm in a good direction so far. But the age old question
of undead versus golems refuses to go away and you need to make
a decision on it soon.”


5. 🔱 Strathspey, the Old Admiral

“You are the mightiest sea captain the realms have ever known
commanding vast sea vessels on countless journeys, but you want more.
You have set your eyes on a prize worthy of you, worthy of the crews that
serve under you and worthy of the Grand Duchy. You want flying ships.
You want to rule the skies and you always get what you want.”


6. 🎖️ Estampie, the Ambitious General

“It strikes you as deeply unusual that the leader of the Dukes armies is
the lowest ranking of the commanders. But with the city defence handled
by Golems and the Navy looking so impressive it is hard to compete.
You need to make the Army look just as cool and here you will find the people
who can make that happen.”



7. 🧀 Jig, Retired Hero Mayor

“You came from humble beginnings and to be honest you don’t think
you left. Mighty, powerful and owner of an extraordinary collection of
priceless artifacts you found yourself spending more time tending to
your castles and land than adventuring and now you are the Mayor of
the Capital city. You have ideas of what you would like,
but first you need to fit in.”


8. 💰 Galliard, the City Chancellor

“Choosing a former adventurer as a Mayor was a stroke of genius but you
still need a long term solution to the city’s financial woes. You need people
to build and invest in the city like never before and tonight is when you
can make it all happen.”


9. ⚖️ Tordion, the High Justice

“The Duke has made enemies of a lot of people, it is true. It is the effect
they have on people. But you are concerned that it is all getting a little
out of hand. You should be able to strike a bargain with any visiting dignitaries
or maybe discourage the more militant of the courts. That way you can all
work together in peace and prosperity.”


10. ⚗️ Sarabande, the Magical Professor

“You have been managing the wizards academy in the capital city for
longer than most people can remember and you have enjoyed some
wonderful successes and spectacular failures. Recently it has become
quite trendy for the wealthy to take an interest in simple magic, and this
might be the opportunity to transform the Duchy into the magocracy
of your dreams!”


11. 🧺 Veleta, the Shipping Merchant

“The world is a wonderful place and it seems like such a shame that your
fellow subjects spend so much of their time fighting it. Peace with our
neighbours is possible and with it the prosperity of the valley.
If we can only control the undead problem, and the fae problem andwhatever
is going on with the mushrooms, everyone can enjoy a new era of peace.” 


12. ⚔️ Rigadoon, the Mercenary Captain

“You train and arm some of the best fighters in all of the realms but
the time is coming to step up your game. You need new patrons, yes.
You always need new patrons. But you also need to have some magic in
 your corner. Something to really spice things up. Many of these people
don’t like conflict, but they need you and you need them to know it.”


13. 🏺 Tricotee, the Shady Dealer

“You are a fine collector of antiquities and treasures from all over the realms
and you know that to a large extent this is thanks to the extensive influence
of the Rogues Guild. You need allies and supporters to make sure the Guild
stays untouchable within the Duchy!.”



14. 💬 Ductia, the Truth Speaker

“Most of the population of the realms live outside of the City and far away
from the palace grounds. They need a ruler who understands them and who
speaks to them. Someone who can represent their wishes. If you can win over
the nobility of the city, you can set the stage to win over the entire realm.”


15. 🖋️ Morris, the Shire Reeve

“You are beyond tired of the City’s problems leaking out into the countryside
where you have to clean up their messes. The vast majority of whom can be traced
back to an actual Guild of Rogues that operates with city approval! You can’t be
the only one who wants this menace brought under control, but if you can’t beat
them, maybe you will need to join them.”


16. 🌀Gavotte, the Grand Druid

“There is a great balance in all things and you have a deep and special
knowledge of it. The Grand Duchy could potentially make great allies in the wilderness
if they can control their desire for gold, but historically this has never ended well.
You may not be able to save everyone, but you can at least save some.” 


17. 🧬 Nestinari, the Shape Shifting Dragon

“It was very kind of the Duke to send you an invitation and it would
have been rude to refuse. You have left your advisors in charge of your
wealth and plan on taking matters into your own hands. You are more than
ready to take on these interlopers on any terrain they wish to face you on.
You have taken on the name of the fire dancers of your youth and you are ready
to see what these primitive people are capable of. ”


18. ⌛ Cotillon, the former Marauder Overlord

“You were defeated some time ago by the forces of the Grand Duchy
and your empire scattered to the winds. Your accumulated power lost
to the arcane cunning and treachery of the Dukes adventurers.
But to give credit where it is due, you have received an invite to the party
just to show there are no hard feelings. You have given it a lot of through,
and decided you have nothing to lose by showing up.
Maybe you could liven this party up a little.”


19. 👁️‍🗨️ Tarantella, the bad fairy

“OK, this is actually a little awkward. You thought you didn’t get an invitation
and were all ready to turn up with all thunder and rage but it turns out none
of the fairies got an invitation so you are the only one here. Ironically you now
have an invitation and none of the other fairies do. Best make the most of it!”


20. ⚠️ Cabriole, the Crags Ambassador

“You are the most sophisticated of souls well versed in the arts of war and
song and magic. You also represent the wishes of the Overlord of the Giants
and you bloody well know it. You love a good party and this could be a great
place to make new friends or to start new rivalries.”