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Sacrament is an ongoing living story that travels all across the world!



8-50 Participants
3-6 hours
Runs all over the world
“And during its completion He shall burn the house of dominion with fire, and all the race of the elect root shall be dispersed.” – Enoch 92:11

The legendary global larp of Demonology and Sin invites you to take on the role of the Nephilim, supernatural creatres that  survive by discreetly increasing the amount of sinful behaviour in a particular area and then harvesting this sin to survive. As they do so they are continuously hunted by the Angels who look for any sign of diabolic activity. The Sacrament, an ancient pact made between the ancestors of the Nephilim and the Demons, is one of the means the Nephilim use to stay one step ahead of the forces that seek their destruction..

Characters are made by the participants who can take the same character to multiple Sacrament events. The play in entirely opt in and is played at a pace the player is comfortable with. Sacrament deals with themes of the occult and the supernatural drawing inspiration from the Book of Enoch, the Ars Goetia and the Golden Bough. It is not intended to be an attempt to recreate any specific occult practices and belongs firmly in the genre of speculative fiction.

The time has come for the children of the Fallen to reclaim their place in the world 

International Community

As part of an ongoing sage that spans several countries your actions at the event form the basis of the legends other people here about at their event. You will get to connect with characters online if you wish and develop an exciting saga of your own. 

Continual Storyline

The events of each Sacrament Event impacts the next Sacrament Event providing a continuous overarching narrative that has been ongoing for three years.  You are encouraged to pick up your story when you attend another episode. 

Bring your own character

You will develop a character personal to you and the story you want to immersive yourself in. Our simple immersive  onboarding process allows you to get straight into the action. 

100 Lever Puzzle Box

The highly immersive world is interacted with through summoning that allow you to manipulate the world and unlock more of the sage. Each spirit summoned is a lever that allows you to change the nature of the world, creating the potential for unlimited stories.