Fragile immortality, divine vengeance and demonic pacts awaits in the courts of the Nephilim.

What will you be playing? 
You will take the role as an immortal Nephilim, a harvester of sin and descendant of the Fallen.

While you can choose to feed on all sins, there will be one that is more alluring to you than the others. This will decide what Tribe you belong to.
You will also have to pick an Order for your character.

What is a Sacrament?
A Sacrament is a gathering of Nephilim hidden from the eyes of Angels by the aid of demonic forces. Without the help of demons Nephilim can only meet up two at a time without an Angel showing up

At the Sacrament Nephilim push their agendas, making deals with demons to gain power and socialise with their own kind.  




The Fallen

More About The Game

 Sacrament is a relationships based and low mechanic/high immersion LARP run on Discord the first Friday of every month.

Nephilim can live for a long time without realising what they are. Because they generally avoid each other outside of Sacraments many of them have little to no knowledge about the inner workings of the supernatural world they are a part of. 
Many new players experience is that this helped them get into the game naturally as they got to learn about the lore alongside their Nephilim character. 

If you want to learn more about demons we recommend having a look at the Ars Goetia.

…And join the Facebook Group to stay up to date with the current state of the Sacrament, ask questions about the game and find out more about upcoming games!