In this larp you will be taking on the role of one of the ten Space Academy students on board the LOW ORBIT SPACE STATION trying to escape back to earth. While you were carrying out a tour of the station the students were attacked by Shapeshifting Space Sharks who went on a murderous bloody rampage killing everyone they could catch.

Your character will have managed to get away unharmed to a TELEPORTATION CHAMBER where they are waiting to be allocated an ESCAPE POD. But you are pretty sure that at least one, and maybe two of the survivors are in fact shapeshifters!

Technical Details: Zoom and Snapcamera

Players: 10

Years ago the world as we know it was brought to an end by events leading to catastrophic climate change. In this bleak and barren landscape civilisation has completely collapsed leaving behind roaming bands of cannibals stalking the countryside.

The only bastion of civilisation is the HOTEL EXCELSIOR. Here the Directors have maintained a sense of civilisation and decorum in stubborn defiance of the world that had the audacity to collapse around them.

But the ravages of winter draws near and the Directors have to make difficult decisions about the people in their care. Sometimes difficult decisions need to be made. Sometimes sacrifices are required. Sometimes, when the food runs low and the cold creeps through the walls, the unthinkable becomes a very real possibility.

A.I. Shituru is an intimate story about love, friendship and deep learning.  Featuring four Artificial Intelligences looking for meaningful relationships in their digital networks this larp is about getting to know each other and finding companionship in a lonely world. 

The characters have been developed from existing AI research projects and you will get to choose which ones you want to try to match up together. The larp can be played with or without filters or even without you appearing at all! The important thing is the relationships that grow from meaningful interactions. 



Crisis in Metrotown!
Metrotown is in crisis. Supervillains are running AMOK! Who will help the city in its hour of need! That’s right!! The tireless efforts of FIRST RESPONDERS and CITY OFFICIALS!

You play the chiefs of the city responding to the impending VILLAINOUS DISASTER. You must work with the other city chiefs to resolve the crisis or the CITY WILL BE DESTROYED!