Meet At The Tavern Characters

Meet At The Tavern is currently undergoing a rewrite, some if the following characters may be subject to change. 

1. 💀 Skull the Bartender  

“Many in your position would be rather tired of the same nonsense happening over and over again but you have made your peace with it. As the only bartender in the only bar between the frontier and the Dukes lands you have seen it all and tonight promises to be no exception.”

2. 💬 Merryweather the Scullion 

“Cleaning the dishes and getting things done around the tavern is a thankless task, but this is the place to be for gossip and rumours about the Old Kingdom. Your skill with gossip and secrets has granted you all sorts of advantages and favour in your life. Many adventurers pass through here and this evening you will have the opportunity to find out about all of them!”

3. 💰Strongback the Farmer 

“There are not many people who are able to actually make a living out of the crags and rocks on the edge of the frontier but here you are managing to do exactly that. You have an understanding of the terrain and its inhabitants that has no equal and  you know there is much more to this valley than what meets the eye.”

4. 🐺Moleskin the Hunter 

“Nothing moves in this Valley without you knowing about it and you have hunted them all. You have the senses of a bloodhound and the stubbornness of a mule. If it can be found in this Valley, you can find it. But after years of hunting the Werewolf of the Dead Valley you think you may have finally realised where it goes to drink.”

5. 🗡️Everblade the Wanderer

“You have wandered the endless planes and left many bodies in your wake. Towns have been sundered and enemies slaughtered. Alone, you walk towards your destiny. The final stopping point before the endless frontier. Alone you seek companions, food and information.”

6. 🛡️Savalion the Knight

“A third generation adventuring hero, you have daring deeds in your blood. But you are beginning to grow dissatisfied with the adventuring life and are starting to look for something a little bit more. But how do you move on when solving puzzles and defeating evil is all that you know?”

7. ⚔️Blackleaf the Rogue

“Robber, burglar, pickpocket and thief you know what you are and you are really very good at it.  People are unhappy that you are so relaxed about being described in this way but it is who you are. If they didn’t want a thief, maybe they shouldn’t have hired one.”

8. 🌳Elfstar the Cleric

“Devoted Cleric of the wildwoods and defender of the faith, you are committed to your cause and to the spread of light and truth everywhere you go. With very few elves remaining in the world, you have taken to adventuring with the intention of taking the fight directly to the heart of evil.”

9. 🔮Kelek the Wizard

“You spent far too long as an apprentice wizard. Frail and weak, relying on your skill with knives to keep you alive you were essentially only kept around to carry extra provisions and answer riddles. But now the tables are beginning to turn and you may be finally understanding the art of magic. Will you stay on the path of wizardry that is difficult to master or will you be tempted by easier, darker magic?”

10. ⚙️Villerix the Custodian

“Being the Custodian of the town guards isn’t a terrible job. You just need to make sure that everything works ok and that everyone is paid on time. But something has gone wrong and you need to resolve it without these adventurers getting in the way.”

11. ⚖️Devilfax the Sage

“Even the town guards need someone to keep track of the records and make the leaflets and that noble distinction falls on you. Alas things are not going terribly well so you’ve all decided to go to the pub to resolve this. After all, nothing ever goes wrong in the tavern.”

12. 🪓Boneshadow the Guardian

“You are the mightiest warrior in the town guard and as a result you are not sure what all the fuss is about. Nonetheless there are strangers in town so now is not the time to be letting your guard down. Work never ends even if everyone is losing their mind over the slightest thing.”

13. ❄️Breeze the Soldier

“As a Soldier in the service of the Duke your life was hard and full of misery up until the point that your squadron was wiped out. You have been brought back from the edge of death and given Magitech enhancements, but you suspect that those responsible will command a high price for this favour.”

14. 💣 Colt the Mercenary

“How do your friends manage to make everything so much more complicated than it needs to be? You are Magitech Mercenaries! There is treasure, there are enemies. Remove the enemies, take the treasure! How does every journey manage to turn into a huge argument over nothing! Maybe this time you need to finish the arguing for good!”

15. 👑Easter the Technomanncer

“You are the great Artificer of the Grand Duchy and heir to the realm so you are no stranger to responsibility. The burden of knowledge weighs heavily on your shoulders and you know far too much to be comfortable in these parts. There are difficult decisions to be made and some people are going to be upset. Which is why you have not come alone and you have not come unarmed.”


16. 🐦Braede the Wordsmith

“To your many detractors your avante garde poetry and scathing sarcasm is not really an art, but you have elevated it to a form that transcends mere lute playing or the caterwauling that passes for bardic talents. You didn’t focus on words as your only bardic talent because you cannot play any instruments. You did this because in your heart and soul you know that sarcasm is a talent ahead of its time.”

17. 💼 Albrecht the  Ambassador

“The job of being an Ambassador of Evil is both thankless and never ending but here you are anyway to make sure that the job is done. With so many people making a stand against people like you it is difficult sometimes to find allies, but people are usually prepared to be reasonable about it as long as you give them a chance.”

18. 🧭Lore he Envoy

“With everyone being so moody and edgy these days it can sometimes be difficult to remind people of the importance of just being good to each other. So you have decided to show people how it is done yourself. There is a werewolf problem in this valley and no doubt all manner of other evil creatures lurking about. You have the means and ability to bring about change in these parts. It’s time to bring peace to the valley.”

19. 🍲Baelo the Beggar

“With so many rich people passing through these lands it is easy to get some coin. But more important than coin is information and with information comes power and with power comes the ability to shape the cosmos into your very graven image. But the soup smells good tonight so maybe some coin would do for now.”

20. 🍽️Leofspel the Kind

“Helping people out is what you do, and you are more than happy to help here. Feeding the hungry, giving hope to the hopeless are all things you take great pride in doing, but you are also very fond of serving tables and this tavern is just the place to do that.”