“Let us all swear an oath, and bind one-another with curses, so not to alter this plan, but to carry out this plan effectively.”- Enoch 6:4

After the War in Heaven, twenty one angels known as the Fallen fell to the earth. These Fallen Angels taught sorcery to God’s children and had children with them in defiance of God’s will. They taught humanity the secrets of creation and how the machinery of heaven worked and raised their unholy families away from the eyes of God. But the Archangels confounded the Fallen and tricked them into accepting curses upon themselves that spread discord and chaos among their ranks. They formed three mighty Orders based on the Oaths that they had made to each other regarding their relationship with humanity.

The first Nephilimim were the children born to the Fallen Angels and their students. These Nephilim were monstrous creatures, powerful and infused with sin, and they slaughtered any who crossed their path. They discovered that by feasting on the sin of humanity they could keep the curse from destroying them. They travelled to different civilisations to feed on the different sins that flourished there and broke up into seven distinct Nephilim tribes. With the Nephilim now divided across the world, the Archangels set about their destruction. The more sin the Nephilim had in its soul, the more exposed they were to angelic intervention.

But the soul of the Nephilim is immortal and the monstrous creatures were fragmented and reborn into the world. The Fallen left the material world entirely to take their place at the heart of hell leaving behind their unholy legacy. The new Nephilim could be reborn anywhere with little memory of their previous lives, making them very difficult to hunt. But the Angels persisted and in time it was impossible for any but the most discreet, solitary nephilim to avoid being purged by the Archangels.

To protect their offspring, the Fallen made a covenant with the rulers of hell. The rulers of hell would make it more difficult for angels to find the Nephilim in exchange for the sin that they harvest.  By calling on each of the Seven Curses of Sin, they could summon the Ambassador of Hell and make their offering. In response to this the Angels fought back even harder, making it all but impossible for Nephilim to meet in groups larger than three. But if they could get seven nephilim together to put aside their differences and perform the Sacrament the harvest could be greater than any of them could ever imagine.

Now the Sacraments have fallen and the Nephilim are once again scattered across the earth.