The Nephilim

“And during its completion He shall burn the house of dominion with fire, and all the race of the elect root shall be dispersed.” – Enoch 92:11

Nephilim are immortal creatures of sin. The most powerful corporeal supernatural creatures in creation with mastery over sin, superhuman strength and endurance and able to form alliances with demons in hell while swearing allegiance to the twenty one fallen angels who defied the will of god. 

 The only thing that can kill them is Angels. There is no fight. Angels will always find you and they always win. 
If anyone catches them demonstrating their power in any way they are killed by Angels. If there are more than two of them in one place at a time they will all be killed by Angels. 
So the Nephilim, the most powerful creatures in all creation. hide their powers and hide their birthright. Pretending to fit in with the mortals so they can live for another week. Sowing the seeds of sin in the human population and harvesting it so they can enjoy a small taste of the power they were born with. 
They don’t need it in the same way that vampires need blood. 

They just need it, you know? Just a bit. Like everyone else they need to be seen and harvesting even the smallest amount sin is the most visceral reminder of who the fuck they are.