Orders Of The Fallen

“When the Fallen entered the halls of hell they had already split into three Orders bound together by sacred oaths. Their banners bearing the sigil of the animal they chose to represent them, they demonstrated to the Demons of Hell that while they were in disagreement over the nature of their punishment, they were aligned in their interests to preserve their offspring. This union made them far more powerful than either the demons or the angels ever thought they would be.”

Order of the Serpent


Nephilim are monsters who prey on all humanity in defiance of God’s will. 

These are the Nephilim who knows that they are monsters and that they are truly damned.

Order of the Wolf

Nephilim are hunters who prey on sinners regardless of God’s will. 

These are the Nephilim who prey on the sinners and the spiritually weak because that is what they were born to do.

Order of the Goat


Nephilim have sacrificed their soul to punish the wicked in accordance to God’s will. 

These are the Nephilim who are being tested by God and must find redemption by fighting the wicked from within the flames.


Cooshing Your Order

Over time, the Fallen found that they disagreed fundamentally on the nature of God’s punishment. These different ideologies eventually formed into the three Orders of the Fallen, coalescing around three different ways of looking at the nature of the Nephilim and the Nature of God’s will. This affects how your character approaches humanity and how they hunt. Some are careful not to cause harm, some accept that harm is necessary, some go out of their way to cause more suffering.


Nephilim who see themselves as ruthless monsters, immortal hunters or wounded heroes tend to find other Nephilim with a similar outlook. While there are bitter disagreements between Nephilim over this, it is understood that the Archangels do not differentiate between the orders and want them all exterminated equally.  When choosing an Order you will forge loyalties for your character outside of your Tribe based on your beliefs and will create smaller divisions within your tribe over how the Nephilim should harvest their sin.