The Tavern Quest World

The Grand Duchy

The common lands are ruled over by Duke Castillan from the city state that is imaginatively named after the Duke. 
Or it could be the other way around. 

The Duchy only has one great city and the rest of it is small villages dotted around the countryside with names like Lower Codswallop and Netherweather Bog. The people are either Gentry or Peasants with Gentry living in Manors and Peasants living in Squalor. 

There is a Tavern on the edge of the Valley that is literally called “Ye Olde Tavern” in all seriousness. It’s not even that old, being essentially a repurposed frontier outpost. 

The official religion of the Grand Duchy is the Temple of Light and Truth also known. A religion devoted to healing, lighting candles and being happy and honest. They do a lot of charity work and have a celebration for almost every occasion. 


The Dead Valley
The Dead Mountains cut off the Grand Duchy from the rest of the mainland. There is a pass called the Dead Valley that is full of incredibly rich mineral resources, fertile land and hordes of undead. The undead mostly come out at night though and rarely enter the Duchy so it sounds more like a Giant problem. 

There are some remaining Wildwoods where the last community of Elves live in constant battle with the Undead, and of course Murkoth’s tower home of the infamous Necromancer. The Elves are part of the Noble Fae Courts and are technically part of the same family of creatures as Goblins, Kobolds and Spriggans. These Fae are known as the Unruly Courts and cause trouble all across the Duchy. 

The Giant Lands
On the other side of the Dead Valley are the Giant Lands. The giants are not actually especially big but they are ferocious and they often paint their faces with paints to look more savage than they really are. The only reason they don’t kill all of the people of the Duchy is that they can’t get past the undead. Giants are known for their power, their strength and their grisliness. That’s giants.