The Tribes

The Curse you carry is infused into your very soul and will follow you around until the end of days. As you hunt to feed the Curse you will find yourself in close proximity to others like you. As you look into the history of your curse you will find it filled with entire civilisations shaped by those who carry the same burden as you. Your tribe is a powerful thing, dated back to the dawn of creation and defined by adversity and need”

Wrath: The Avamites

The Avamite Tribe feed on excesses of anger and hate, typically harvesting sin from gambling, violence and warfare. They rouse the innate recklessness and brash aggression in those around them before feasting on their anger. 

Avarice: The Zamzumim

The Zamzumim feed on excesses of secrecy and defensiveness, typically harvesting sin from private museums, libraries and auction houses. Secret societies, distrust and paranoia can all encourage their owners to become reservoirs of sin ripe for the harvesting

Gluttony: The Emim

The Emim feed on excesses of waste and consumption, typically harvesting sin from indulgences, corporate executives and gangsters. Rampant consumerism and enterprise culture both legal and illegal fuels the desire for material things and the Emim are always nearby to feast upon it.


Envy: The Anakim

These Nephilim feed on excesses of spite and jealousy typically, harvesting sin from boutiques, gyms and members only clubs.  Working from high towers and penthouse floors the Anakim encourage their prey to covet the possessions of others even at the expense of their own desires. 

Sloth: The Caphotrim

Caphotorim feed on excesses of introspection and laziness, typically harvesting sin from fortune tellers, get rich quick schemes and addicts. Offering people the chance to glimpse into the future or to improve their luck without having to put in any effort gives them plenty to consume with minimal effort.

Lust: The Rephaim

The Rephaim feed on excesses of desire and obsession typically, harvesting sin from clubs, gaming conventions and media centers. The Rephaim feeds upon this desire in extravagant displays of overindulgence before slipping away once they have taken what they want to build something new. 

Pride: The Gibborim

The Gibborim feed on excesses of hubris and ambition typically, harvesting sin from high society, evangelists and political agitants. They encourage cold hearted stubbornness, rebellion and arrogance in their followers before feasting upon them without mercy. 

Choosing Your Tribe

Nephilim are powerful creatures. They are immortal and unkillable except by angelic intervention and perhaps demonic powers, they have the ability to manipulate other people’s emotions by instilling them with sin and they can feed on the sin of others.


When choosing a Sin, find one that you are comfortable playing. The Nephilim are not entirely defined by their sin but it is an enormous part of their life and once chosen it cannot be changed. You will often feed in similar locations to other members of your tribe, but you still need to be careful when meeting lest you accidentally trigger an angelic hunt.