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Goetia: The night of 100 demons took place on october 19-22nd 2023.

Future runs are being discussed. 

Standard Tickets

Interest Form
50-70 Participants
Thursday to Sunday
Food and Accommodation Provided
October 1937 occult practitioners from all over Europe gathered in secret to carry out a series of arcane experiments in the British countryside. Each devoted to a specific Goetic demon outlined in the lesser key of Solomon they developed personal relationships with their demonic familiar in preparation for a grand summoning. Twenty one servants were carefully selected and given a fallen angel to study in preparation for the grand summoning.

At the Night of One Hundred Demons the occultists would allow themselves to be possessed by the seventy two Goetic Demons while the serving staff were to be possessed by their fallen angel thralls. This would allow them to discover exactly what deals were made on the night the angels fell from heaven and negotiated for a place in their new home in hell. In the morning they would exchange notes and discuss paranormal possession while enjoying the country manor in preparation for night to fall and the ritual to begin again.

None of the occultists were ever seen again.

Grand Banquet 

A Grand Seven Course Banquet themed after the seven deadly sins marks the beginning of the end for the characters in the thrilling climax to the event. This luxurious meal ultimately leads to the Intervention that brings the event to a close.

Embody two characters

You will take on the role of a character that lives on the edge of, but within the social norms and repression of 1930s Britain. At night you will then be possessed by the demon that will seek to make your human character's life more exciting. Each character has their own relations and goals.

Esoteric Rituals

1930's Occultists converge to demonstrate their own art including seances, object reading and demonstration of occult theories. This is then followed by the powers they find manifesting through their relationship with their demon.

Demons & Angels

In this larp we bring to life the 72 Goetic Demons and the 21 Enochian Fallen Angels as well as humans they are possessing. Each with a layer of hell inspired by Dante's Inferno to rule over.