Tavern Quest is a series of light hearted comedy fantasy LARPs. These larps take place in a different classic fantasy location such as a Tavern, Dungeon and many more!

Each instalment has 20 characters lovingly crafted from well known fantasy tropes. All characters comes with a full character sheet consisting of a backstory, three objectives and four relationships. 

So far in the Series:

Meet at the Tavern
Meet at the Dungeon
Meet at the Guild-house
Meet at the Palace
Meet at the Galleon
Meet at the Space Station 
Meet at the Graveyard
Meet at the Midwinter Feast
Meet at the Shire


All of the players are encouraged to lift each other up and be as supportive as possible when creating play. In the style of Terry Pratchett novels, the characters are played with all seriousness in a situation which is just a little bit absurd. You are given a lot of freedom and flexibility to enjoy yourself and play for fun in this light hearted environment. Even when the characters are at each other’s throats!

Each of the episodes are one off stand alone stories that can be played over and over again. No two runs can ever be the same! Each character is the main character in their story arc so after enjoying one TavernQuest adventure as one character you are very welcome to sign up to another run playing a different character. It is at the players discretion how much they want to know about the other characters before they play. With so many characters to choose from, each with such rich and detailed backstories, there will always be new surprises!